Staff and Student Events

Legal Opportunity in Trade Negotiations’ Asia Research Centre Public Lecture by Dr Silke Trommer

When: February 12, 2013
Starting at 12:00 pm, ending at 01:30 pm

Where: Senate Room

Who: Staff, Student

Market access constitutes one unresolved issue slowing down negotiations between the trade power Europe and trade- and aid-dependent ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States).

In this Lecture, Dr Trommer examines how the political economy literature dealing with trade policy-making is challenged on at least two accounts: the role of typically sidelined actors such as poor countries and transnational activists; and the role of the law in mediating strategic and discursive aspects of trade political processes. Dr Trommer currently works with Professor Ann Capling on the Australia Research Council-funded research project “The WTO and the Future of the Global Trade System”, as well as pursuing her own research on the global trading system, with a specific interest in issues relating to development studies, social movement studies/transnational studies and international law.

Contact: Tamara Dent

Phone: 9360 2263