Storytelling, discussion, peer support and visible learning make studying online with Murdoch and FutureLearn a powerful way to learn online.

You can gain postgraduate-level qualifications when you choose to study online through our partner FutureLearn, a global social learning platform that offers a flexible, highly-interactive digital learning experience.

Before you decide to take on a full degree, you can complete a free taster course that will also be counted towards a full qualification.

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Enjoy free taster modules before committing to a full online degree.

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Access course content on mobile, tablet or desktop, wherever you have internet connection.

Flexible, interactive environment

The digital learning experience gives you access to high-quality videos and online discussion where you can gain support from your peers as well as Murdoch’s world-class academics.

Get a glimpse with a free taster on FutureLearn

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Healthy Futures: How Can We Create the Most Effective Healthcare System?

Gain insight into global challenges in healthcare and how public health policies affect our daily lives. Explore how to design health responses to ensure that people can access the right care and discover what it takes solve some of the world’s biggest health problems.

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Burning Tyre at Riot

Security, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

Learn what it means to be secure by developing your knowledge of global challenges posed by conflict and terrorism. Get an introduction to issues of security, terrorism and counter terrorism, the causes behind security threats, and the weapons and technology used in response.

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Take a career in the health sector a step further

The world of health policy has a profound impact on our daily lives. Health systems across the world are grappling with significant challenges in an ever-changing landscape.

In the free taster module, Healthy Futures, you’ll get a glimpse of ways to solve some of the world’s biggest healthcare problems and can go on to study additional units in health policy, economics and finance, public health and epidemiology, and health law as part of the Graduate Certificate in Health Administration, Policy and Leadership available through FutureLearn.

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Studying through FutureLearn

Social learning is a key characteristic of the FutureLearn platform, so as well as critique and quiz activities, there will be ample opportunity to engage and converse with your peers.

How it works

  1. Sign-up to a taster.
  2. Introduce yourself to your classmates and academics - you'll be notified when the course is ready to start.
  3. Start the course - your ‘to do list’ in the FutureLearn dashboard will show you what you need to do next.
  4. Complete and decide what's next - if you choose to continue studies, often the free taster module can be counted towards a full degree

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